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I’m a Wife to Russell, the best husband a girl could ask for.   A Mommy to Cruz & Beckham, two adorable & funny little boys with personalities so big that there is never a dull moment in our home.  You’ll often hear me refer to them as Mini-Muffin #1 & Mini-Muffin #2.  All three of my guys are the absolute loves of my life & have stolen my heart for eternity.  I’m a person that likes to surround myself with things & people that I find inspiring, with a few of those being my precious family & friends, organizing, decorating my home, fashion, travel, food, home projects, blogging & tennisI  I’m a take charge kind of girl that knows what she wants.  I love setting goals & making things happen!  Give me a project & I won’t stop until it’s completed with perfection!  I believe in finding what you’re passionate about & finding a way to make it happen everyday.  Life is too short to live any other way.


After completing a Bachelors of Nursing Science Degree at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, I obtained my Registered Nursing license & joined the Kidney Transplant Team at Baptist Health Medical Center.  I specifically worked for the kidney transplant surgeon assisting him in the operating room & following the transplant patients in the hospital post-transplant.  The experience of holding a kidney in your hand while watching the surgeon sew in the the renal artery & vein is an amazing experience that I am lucky to have had.  And witnessing a renal-failure patient regain their renal function first hand, right there in the OR, is an indescribable feeling that I will never forget.

After 4 years of being in the nursing arena, I decided to try my hand in sales.  I went to work for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, a Fortune 500 company & the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.  I quickly knew that sales was the perfect place for my competitive personality.  Pfizer has been an amazing & successful company to work for, and for the past 9 years I have been promoting & selling life saving drugs for patients around the world.  After almost a decade in pharmaceuticals, I have recently resigned to follow my dream & start my own professional organizing company, Mind Over Matter!  So, here I am, ready to start organizing the world…one client at a time!

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