THE PRODUCTIVE PANTRY:  it’s all in the “system” 

Pantries are very easy spaces to let get unorganized.  It’s a space that is used everyday, multiple times a day & typically by multiple people.  There are already so many categories of items that live in a pantry, & when you have a family where everyone has different eating habits…well, you get the picture.

I know at some point everyone has experienced anxiety to some level when you’re rushing around in the mornings trying to make/eat breakfast & pack lunches & you can’t find what you’re looking for.  Or when you return home from the grocery store to realize you bought a sack full of items you didn’t know you had because they were hiding behind all the clutter in your pantry.   Now your anxiety dial gets cranked up even higher because you’ve just wasted $75.00, you wasted 30 extra minutes at the grocery store to get food you already have,  & now you have enough Velveta & Rotel to invite the Duggars over for cheese dip! 😜

All jokes aside, at least for now – my point is this…to keep a pantry organized it’s IMPERATIVE there be a system in place.  A system meaning, a plan designed specifically for the needs & habits of your family.  No two systems should be exactly alike.  Every pantry space is different & every family dynamic is different.  To really create a system that works for the client/family you have to take the time to ask questions & take notes about the daily routines of each person in the family.

Once a system in created & installed, or should I say once LeAnn starts working her shelf game & goes all Mind Over Matter on it, then it’s time to present the finished product to the client.  I like to explain the system to really help the client understand how it will work for their family.  It’s important to explain things like why particular containers where chosen or why I placed things in the categories I did.   Or this is a big one that a lot of people never think of…when you get home with bulk items, take them out of the boxes or packaging.  This will create an unbelievable amount of space you didn’t have before.

Okay, enough of the clutter chatter, although I could go on all day.  💁 Let’s move on to my FAVORITE part!  The BEFORE & AFTERS!



All in a days work  🙂

Remember…keep it simple, keep it functional & keep it beautiful!




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