An Amazing Closet Gets An Organizational Transformation!

I recently had the opportunity to meet & get to know one of the sweetest clients ever.  And just after a short time of talking with her I knew she was just an amazing person.  She is a long-time Registered Nurse, but for the last five years she has been working as a Hospital Consultant.  She travels to hospitals all over the US to assist them in improving operational efficiencies and patient care.  So basically…she shows up to meet with the hospital administrators to make sure all the proper protocols & policies are in place & being implemented to ensure that all patients are being treated appropriately & effectively.  She truly is “THE PATIENT ADVOCATE”!!!  This amazing career does require some travel though.  Most weeks, she travels out of state for 3 or 4 days of the week, so with all that travel, packing & unpacking, you can imagine how easy it is for her to let her closet get unorganized!  And when she gets home she would much rather spend time with her husband instead of organizing her closet!  Not to mention, she loves to shop & has impeccable taste as well, so most every time she returns from a different city she has some amazing new items to add to the already disorganized closet!  And that’s where I come in…

Let’s take a look at her closet before I worked my magic…





Right outside of her closet, there is a small sitting area with a desk.  This is where she had attempted to keep here necklaces organized on these hanging trees.


And here it is…AFTER the organizational transformation!


One of my favorite parts about this project is how I dug out all of her amazing bags & jewelry that were hiding in her closet & I put them on display…where they belong!  I even found the most amazing Chanel bag lost under the clutter!  And that’s just not acceptable…nope…not acceptable at all.  Needless to say, I immediately displayed that timeless beauty front & center!  😉  And I LOVED, LOVED creating a masterpiece with her necklaces by making a necklace wall!  Now she can easily scan & access ALL of her jewelry & accessories with no problem at all, which makes getting ready so much easier AND more fun!

This was such a fun project working with such an amazing client & such beautiful clothing & accessories!

And as I always say…

Keep It Functional.  Keep It Simple.  Keep It Beautiful.

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