Here we are at the next stop of the Jeanne Project.  This part of the project was a magical adventure that lead me through the girly, girl world of her little fashionista, Jett.  Being the mom of two little guys, I never get the chance to indulge in the fairytale land of pretty princesses dressed in pink!  So as you can imagine, organizing Jett’s playroom was a special treat.  Now, let’s talk about Jett for a minute.  I absolutely LOVE this little cupcake!  For those of you that don’t know her, she’s a beautiful, smart, witty little three year old that warms that hearts of everyone she meets.  She’s a take charge, I know what I want kind of girl…& that in and of itself is a winner in my book!  😉  With a Daddy from Sweden & a Mommy from right here in the Red, White & Blue, Jett is an international toddler that will take your heart by storm.

First, let’s meet Jett.  Then, we’ll meet her playroom.

Jett's Profile

See…I knew you would love her.  Jett is a busy girl that loves to play, & she was in need of a little help getting her playroom in top notch order.  Basically, she had a room full of toys with no rhyme or reason & without any special touches.  Also, she loves doing art, but she didn’t have a desk for creating her masterpieces.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog, I bet you can guess what’s going to happen next.

In the spirit of fairytales, let’s take a look at Jett’s playroom BEFORE Tinker Bell flies in & sprinkles her special pixie dust…


This is the closet that was being used for a storage.  Mostly for stuff that needed to be in the attic, and yes, of course, I moved it there. :)


Okay…pixie dust sprinkled!!!  Let’s take a look at the AFTER photos of the magical transformation!


Do you remember this lonely little wall from earlier???  That’s where I installed her new desk/shelving unit.  It’s Elfa from The Container Store.  The desk & shelves can be rearranged to fit her as she grows.


Let’s take a closer view of the details…details are important.


And look what I found at The Container Store.  ”Jet” paperclips for Jett!!!


If you remember, this piece of furniture was on a larger wall & was awkwardly sticking out in the way.  I moved it to a smaller wall & added some art that Jeanne had framed for Jett.  If you look closer at the world map, it has a heart on Arkansas & a heart on Sweden.  So sweet I can hardly stand it!  Then I added some really cute organizational bins for her toys & a few of my own touches to make it feel extra special.


Notice the globe, animal canisters & love box?  I put my crafting skilzzzz to good use & hand crafted each of them to make the perfect little space.

You can find these glass canisters at Hobby Lobby for about $4.00 each.  Then I just glued an animal to the lid & spray painted it!  LOVE!!!



I found this LOVE box at Michael’s for $6.00.  I painted it & put chevron paper in the bottom to make it the perfect place for Miss Jett’s sunglasses & jewelry.


As for the Dr. Seuss globe, you can find the details of how I made it on my blog under the “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” post.



One thing I particularly love is the wall where we displayed Jett’s own art.  Heather Owens, of Georgia James Creative, is responsible for this perfect idea!  A while back, she helped Jeanne pick out some of Jett’s art & had it mounted in the perfect white frames.  I think this should happen in every toddler’s room.  Awesome job Heather!


I also made some letters to display Jett’s name with the chevron paper I used earlier.


And for the last wall, I added a very inexpensive heart canvas from Hobby Lobby just to brighten things up a bit.



I saw you peeking in that closet on the last pic.  Here it is…the closet you saw in the “before” photos.  All cleaned out & organized into the perfect place for all of Jett’s toys that were cluttering up her room before!


Finally, a place for all of her art supplies!


I almost forgot the new basket I got for all her balls & sporting equipment.


If you’d like a quick photo tutorial on the canisters & the letters, here you go:







Jett’s playroom is complete!  Next stop…I’m getting crafty in Jeanne’s craft closet!


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